NEW! Massage Packages

You asked and we heard you!  Available immediately, RCB is now offering the following massage packages*:

60 Minute Custom Massage (includes Prenatal massage):
3 massages for $225  { BUY NOW }
5 massages for $350  { BUY NOW }

90 Minute Therapeutic Massage:
3 massages for $315  { BUY NOW }
5 massages for $500  { BUY NOW }

Revolution is thrilled to begin offering packages on our most popular services! We’re hoping that Revolution’s new package deals, referral system, and client loyalty program will encourage you to see us more often and become even more committed to making massage part of your health and wellness regime.

*A word about our new package discounts: while they will never expire, we do encourage you to use them within a certain amount of time. This allows for ease of tracking what visit you are on, and also that, should there be any price fluctuations over the years, you will be getting the full value of the money you pay into the program. Packages may not to be shared or transferred.

Thank you for staying on us about offering packages. We always saw the value of having them from both sides, but it took time to implement. Keep the ideas coming! We are always listening.